In this Annual Plan and Budget 2015/16 we set out our key aims and activities for the year 2015/16. This is our second Annual Plan and Budget.

Having recently published our Policy Statement, and with our regulatory framework now in place, our focus for 2015/16 will shift to working with industry to deliver on our statutory objectives.

Our statutory objectives underpin everything we do, driving the activities we undertake and how we prioritise our work and our resources. As a new regulator it is important that we continue to build and refine our organisation to ensure we operate efficiently and effectively.

Therefore our key aims for 2015/16 are to promote:

  • competition in payment systems in the interests of service-users
  • innovation in payment systems in the interests of service-users
  • the interests of service-users, and
  • continuing to build our organisation.

We will pursue our aims with equal priority, and the activities we will focus on this year will enable us to do this.

We want open, transparent and accessible payment systems; payment systems that are responsive to new developments and innovations; and improvements in the representation of the people and organisations that rely on services provided by payment systems.

Our budget

Operating costs (figures have been rounded) £m
Staff costs 8.1
Professional fees 6.0
Information systems costs 0.5
Accommodation and office services 0.6
Training, recruitment and travel 0.7
Total 15.9

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Read our annual plan and budget for 2015/16

Further information

You can read also our annual plan and budget for last year, 2014/15.

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