Important information before you fill out this form:

  1. The purpose of this form is to facilitate requests from directed firms (under Specific Direction 17) for an extension or exemption to SD17.
  2. If you think you qualify for an exemption to the requirements to provide a CoP system under SD17, please fill out and submit the Exemptions form below.
  3. If you think you qualify for an extension to the October 2024 deadline to comply with the requirements under SD17, please fill out and submit the Extension Request Form.
  4. Confirmation of Payee (CoP) was first introduced as a Specific Direction in 2019 and aimed to ensure the UK’s six largest banking groups had implemented a CoP system by October 2024.
  5. The aim of CoP was to act as a preventative measure against Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams.
  6. Upon consultation in 2022, the PSR has widened the scope of firms directed to implement a CoP system in the continued action against APP fraud. These firms now have a deadline of October 2024 to have a functional CoP system implemented.
  7. There are answer boxes next to each question, should you wish to provide additional information to your answer. However, you may also answer with yes/no/not applicable.

Form to request an exemption from Specific Direction 17

Company details

Contact details

A copy of your submission will be sent to this address.

1. Reason for exemption request

Please note that this only applies to channels which are in scope.

2. We consider the following may be relevant to your application:

If so, please provide dates and details.
Please provide details. If you are not yet insolvent, but think you may be in the future, please provide the date of when this will happen.
If so, please provide details.
If so, please provide details.

3. Additional information

4. Consent for data storage and processing

I give the PSR permission to store and process the data provided in this application.
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